Wednesday, October 29, 2008


If you haven't already guessed it I'm in Ireland with my mom and great aunt. Right now we're in Trim and staying at the High Field House which is next to Trim Castle. The castle is amazing we got to roam the grounds for a bit then we went on a guided tour of the actual castle and turns out Trim Castle was used for all of Brave Heart. So everyone knows that castles are all about defense, but, all about defense means ALL about defense the stairs go up clockwise to benefit the right handed soldier backing up the stairs. There's a field with some junkies (donkeys) in it and I'm going to get to feed them carrots today. When we first got here we were a little early but the lady let us stay and made us tea and biscuits, I mean who serves you stuff at a B and B when its past twelve for free.

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